Since 2011, women in Kabul, Kamari and Nejrab produce handicraft under the label of Afghan-Design. 

Afghan Design represents products which have been designed and manufactured by women trained in our NAZO centers: Afghan jewelry, leather and textile products.

In the jewelry workshops the designers combine Sterling silver and Kabuli silver with bright, natural semi-precious gemstones, such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, malachite, or serpentine.

Inspired by antique Afghan jewelry, they design their individual collections.

The products predominantly created in the leather workshops are bags, backpacks, sandals and purses. Every leather product is made of natural finish goatskin and decorated with embroidery and Kelim elements (colored woven fabric). Different patterns, symbols as well as decorative stitches and pocket borders add the final touch.

The female designers in the textile workshops predominantly create traditional and modern clothes for the Afghan market. Moreover, they craft embroidery for textile fabrics and blankets using bright colorful stiches or muted colors, and they create trivets made of colored pearls and other products for daily use.

All products are manufactured by hand and produced only in small numbers, often being unique.

Please support us.

In the NAZO-workshops in Afghanistan, women and girls have been trained to become tailors, jewelry designers and textile designers since 2004. After having completed their training, they often form joint workshops and create textile, jewelry and leather products. They sell their products in Afghanistan at national and international fairs and via this web shop.

In Afghanistan it is still very unusual for women to open shops or to present their products on a bazar or at fairs on their own. Therefore, we are very proud that “our” NAZO women belong to these pioneers. Unique handicraft made in NAZO workshops might not only be a pleasure for yourself, but also for your friends, as presents.

Messe AFGHAN-Design                 Messe AFGHAN-Design                 Messe AFGHAN-DESIGN

Please support the courageous women in Afghanistan to empower their voices, so that they can continue their pioneer work also in the future.
The profits from the sale of these products go to 100% to the women working in the NAZO-workshops.

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*Kabuli-silver is an alloy of 30% silver and 70% brass and zinc.

Why are some of the women’s faces covered with an asterisk?

The security situation in Afghanistan gets worse from year to year, from month to month. Every day people get kidnapped, robbed, raped or even killed. The fundamentalist forces have gained influence and – as in Taliban times – are able to intimidate, threaten or hurt especially women. Due to globalization, everybody in Afghanistan and worldwide is able to access these websites. In order to avoid that anyone might identify the women, we decided to manipulate the pictures, following requests by the NAZO women in Afghanistan. Therefore, we put golden asterisks on their faces.