NAZO Deutschland e.V.

In cooperation with its partner association in Afghanistan, NAZO Deutschland e.V. supports the training of women since 2002. The association’s work follows the principle: 
„Only if we empower women and girls, it will be possible that a peaceful civil society develops in Afghanistan.”

Four training centers could be established thanks to the financial support by various institutions and many individual donors. The main center in Kart-e-nau in Kabul was already built in 2003. Additional locations in Achmad Schah Baba Mina (greater Kabul area), in the Kamari village (Kabul Province) and in the Nejrab area (Kapiza Province) followed in the past years. 

In the NAZO training centers, women and girls are educated in three technical professions . Moreover, in counseling courses they acquire abilities to stand up for their rights and to assert themselves in the male-dominated Afghan society.

In four NAZO training centers, females may learn three technical professions:

  • Tailoring
  • Jewelry design
  • Leather processing

The professional training is complemented by additional courses:

  • Alphabetization 
  • Sales training 
  • Women rights / human rights
  • Birth control, family planning

Schmuckwerkstatt                  Lederwerkstatt                  Schneiderwerkstatt

After having completed their training, many of the former trainees form joint NAZO workshops in order to work self-employed together in a group. Thanks to the training, they have the opportunity to earn their living or to contribute to the family income.

Girls and women have been excluded for decades, or probably even centuries, from education and professional work. How can this situation be justified in the context of basic human rights and gender equality?

Our response: We initiate and support change. Our NAZO training centers and workshops are pioneers on the way to an equitable civil society.

Participate in the change – and foster the independence of women in Afghanistan.

Please support – and get a



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Why are some of the women’s faces covered with an asterisk?

The security situation in Afghanistan gets worse from year to year, from month to month. Every day people get kidnapped, robbed, raped or even killed. The fundamentalist forces have gained influence and – as in Taliban times – are able to intimidate, threaten or hurt especially women.
Due to globalization, everybody in Afghanistan and worldwide is able to access these websites.
In order to avoid that anyone might identify the women, we decided to manipulate the pictures, following requests by the NAZO women in Afghanistan. Therefore, we put golden asterisks on their faces.